Jinsy has been around as long as anyone can remember and it is thought that is has probably been in existence since before even that, though there is no evidence to support this theory. The island has enjoyed a long and varied histrophy except for the dull ages, a period in which virtually nothing happened (except the parish of Kssspp boundary got moved, then moved back again). Little is known of the pre-speak era, though residents are believed to have worn a kind of smock with a double poncho upper layer, made of sacking, straw and moss, with a pleated collar and a flanged triple-lipped back seam. Hair was a vitally important part of primitive culture and early islanders could spend up to fifteen hours a day merely preparing their hair or in the act of styling. The first written word, found carved in to a piece of igneous rock at Chokette bay is 'side-parting'. Very early flint/chalk tongs and curlers were among the first objects found in the digs at the Veen Parish Basin, where Jinsy's most ancient artefacts have been unearthed. This has led historyuns to conjecture that a kind of stone hairdryer was in use long before the invention of the wheel. Jinsy's past has involved some serious punch-ups, mainly taking place at Joofer's Hill, Rintels Point and around the Tezzer cliffs but since the introduction of the tessellator, a new time of peace, prosperity and wellbeing has suffused the isle.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
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