A distant cousin (by maternal seed-tuft) of the insipid, whitey-grey Dunderbush, now considered a grade 12 weed in six of the nine parishes, Grot Grass grows to the height of the average eight year old boy or six year old girl (girls tend to grow a bit taller a bit quicker) and is distinguished by the nasty nasal sound it makes when wind passes through it. In fact the reed of the Grot Grass has been used by instrument makers in the parish of Brownlap as the basis of the Concave Toot-Flute, traditionally used by middle-aged women on the first day of The Bloom, when a select group of ladies gather around day-cluster at the head of the mysterious chalk figure known as ‘Big Jilly with the Frilly Nilly’, carved into ancient hillside. Here the women proceed to blow their flutes as loudly as they can until enough people have complained that they have to stop. Sitting inside the chalk nilly of the mystical figure is said to bring very good luck, especially in the fields of catering and professional baking.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
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