Most metally things on Jinsy are made from trempersest, including spoons, screws and other metal things that you probably use a lot around your chalet. Handles and things like that. Have a look, if you don’t believe me. A notoriously diffcult to smelt, milky black substance, trempersest eventually turns into a nice, shiny, solid sheen with a reflective patina that’s really smooth and cold to the touch, like stroking the wet nose of a very healthy dog. (Or the other end, if he’s not very well.) If incorrectly smelted, however, the resulting metal can suddenly melt, as was the case with the statue of seventh Arbiter Froosun, whose figure was unveiled at lights-up on the first day of the bloom, in the town square of Jinsy’s capital, Flynt, to an expectant crowd (including some sheep and goats). However, by lights down on the same day, the statue had melted and resolidified into an entirely different shape, bearing a closer resemblance to repeat-criminal offender Mr Seff Ook, whose rubbery nose and ill-fitting costume has remained on the plinth ever since.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
Moosic from Series 1 of 'This is Jinsy'
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