Nool parish was once covered in rich woodland, mainly composed of Dwarf Borzoin trees and the thin tapering Spotted Veeber. In the past nine cycles however, the rapid spread of black-branch disease has meant that most trees throughout the parish have been reduced to withered stumps, rather like unsightly warts on the face (but fun to stand on or to leap from – WEEEEEEEEE!). Nool provides a rough, stony soil, difficult to drain but generous in weeds – prime conditions for the cultvation of root vegetable, the Mawk Tat. Thus the prevailing smell across Nool is soup (Mawk Tats are only really edible in soup form.) Excavations in the West over the past twelve cycles have revealed an ancient stone construction with what appear to be booths and chairs, facing primitive shiny-shows (mirrors). This is believed to be the earliest surviving example of a mystics’ ‘styling temple’, from the Hair Epoch. More recent digs have unearthed the earliest and most complete set of wooden hair-curlers known to man, radically altering the views of historian Jame Willtrip (T.U.S.K and Fellow of The Murmurers Society), whose widely-attested theory placed back-combing at a comparatively late period and discounted the plait as non-integral to the ascent of civilization (see ‘Following Follicles: The Fringes of Modern Society’ published by Sheela and The Girls). Unlike any other region on Jinsy, two parts of Nool are now attached to other parishes. ‘The Neck’ is a coastal excrescence that detached itself, drifted round the island, then clamped on to part of Hoofan like someone clinging to a ledge or a burr on the cardigan. A section of Nool parish meanwhile fell to Helleetertrond after ‘The Spat’ at Glotter’s Field, when feudal hairlords fought it out with armies, wielding soup cannons and veeber sticks. One ginger dog was slightly injured in the melee, losing all its fur immediately after, through shock (see ‘The Ballade Of The Baldy Dogge’) and a man with curly hair and a big chin, whose name has largely been forgotten, grazed his left elbow in three places (upper, lower, middle), which is depicted on the Nool Tapestry, panel 4. Surrender was inevitable but Nool parish and Helleetertrond didn’t speak to each other for the next 20 cycles (excluding ‘Forget-It’ festivals). The baldy dogge is still a sore point and can lead to cross-parish tensions, even hundreds of cycles later. Nool contains the notable man (and woman) made beauty-spot, Nancy Pier, a triple-woven wood-jut that extends out over the oily waters, intended for strolling and light trots only. No running.
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