To make Jinsy Josh (Ancient Loaf Sack) you will need:

A stove (or open fire with a big pot), a carn spoon, a loggett pot, a trickle monitor (with open recess, the old type).

Conversion of Kerruvills to Johnson: 6Ke = 1 Jsn

1 Jsn Powderbake
Half Jsn chopped cowmix or gooseneck
4 liquid Jsn of Mawk Tat
2 Cranbeck hen eggs
1 mini-ladle of croop root
1 Jsn sweetness

METHOD: Place the powderbake and cowmix in a basin. Don't turn the taps on. Mix in the eggs and wrist-it with a carn spoon to a smooth paste with a little rainwater (flick in some drops from your outside barrel). Use your Trickle monitor here. Levels shouldn't be above 7.

Add the mawk tat and croop root really slowly, like an old person. Don't look at the mixture. Just don't. When your arm is hurting from too much stirring, pop it into a greased loggett pot and bake for 2.4 at 180 Hotlevel. Still don't look at it. Just don't.

Go and read a book. (We recommend the new novel from Jomy Hollophyse 'Wind To The East'. When you get to about page 29, the Josh should be ready.)

You can look at it now. If there is a thick burnt crust about the height of a smile, pop it back in and read on to about page 32 (where there's a great bit of description of some basketwork, and Thornton gets trapped in a wind tunnel).

Serve on a bed.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
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