In the pre-speak era, people just kind of shrugged and grunted at each other most of the time. Although there were three specific signs or gestures which, through rudimentary paintings discovered in the coastal caves at Brownlap, are known to have been in regular use, (and which remain in use in some parts of Kraw even to this day):

1. Raising the index fingers on both hands quite slowly, then stroking the eyebrows with alternate hands.

MEANING: That's not yours. Leave it alone.

2. Closing one eye, standing on the opposite leg and clearing your throat.

MEANING: I'd really rather you didn't do that.

3. Pushing out the chin as far it'll go, then flaring your nostrils.

MEANING: I like what you've done with your hair.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
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