The parish of Pondarea is perhaps the least talked about region of the island. Why? People are just like that, I suppose. I mean, it’s got The Cart Centre, and there’s the lovely water features in Mr Sipple’s garden. Oh and most of Jinsy’s capital, Flynt, extends over Pondarea. Flynt is the newer version of Flynte, the original main town, which now lingers under the Welfrod Memorial Reservoir in West Zententerton, in completely wet floodidness. Flynt offers a range of smooth-leg-outlets, laughter bars, and some wonderful corner shops, where every kind of edge or corner is available. Flynt has very steep lanes and works on a tri-level-grid system, so you definitely need to buy a ‘Triple A to Triple Z’ guide to find your way round. Entering Flynt is impossible unless you approach from the South-West side at Level H2, off the S22 road, close to ‘Inky’s Bistro.’ Jam Tax is non refundable within the parish, even with a sticky voucher.
Moosic from Series 2 of 'This is Jinsy'
Moosic from Series 1 of 'This is Jinsy'
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